Friday, March 28 / 2:11 a.m.

Favourite Knits, Part 1
I don't really have any projects on the go right now besides a pair of blue socks on 2mm DPNS, and they've sort of stalled. So for the next few days I'm going to present my favourite things I've knitted, and then maybe I'll get into favourites I'd like to knit.

My absolute favourite thing so far is the Chrissie cardigan from Rowan's Big Wool. I'd wanted to make it for ages and ages, but at $22/ball here in Toronto, it wasn't really an option. I knew Ebay would come through eventually, so I was patient and ended up rewarded with 10 balls of Big Wool in my colour of choice for about half the price I would've paid here. It was ridiculously easy to knit and sewing the seams was so easy! For those of you who've had problems with mattress stitch, I suggest trying it out on super giant yarn - the stitches are so big it's almost imposible to screw up. I didn't make the belt, because the fabric is so thick that trying to cinch it in at the waist would only succeed in creating more bulk. But it fits perfectly, and is just waiting for super-gigantic-buttons that will fit the super-gigantic-buttonholes. Anybody have any suggestions?