Wednesday, April 23 / 12:18 a.m.

New Project

I've been swatching for this "kimono" sweater from Phildar's automne collection. It's knit sideways in two pieces: you cast on for the sleeve and then increase to knit the body, and then decrease again for the second sleeve. Any suggestions for the best way to cast on in this case?

Also, I don't like the bobbles. They look good in the picture but I think they'd be really dorky in real life. So if I got rid of the bobbles I'd have to get rid of the garter stitch borders that box them in. And if I got rid of those, the sleeves would look really empty. What does the blogging universe think? Maybe I should add another vertical stripe of stocking stitch? On the body, I think I could just continue the regular pattern with no harm done.

I've added some more blog links to the right sidebar. I especially like Antonio's "Knit Knut," with the alternate title of "Eartha Knittery" -- tee hee. I love puns. Haven't been updating much because it's exam season; just warning you now that this state of affairs is likely to continue into May.