Monday, June 23 / 1:30 a.m.

Better Blogging
In an effort to be a better blogger, I'm going to attempt to post every day. Note: I said attempt.

Old Friend
This is the second sweater I knitted, and the first Aran, the first pockets, and the first hood. I unfortunately screwed the hood up and it ended up way too big (if I put it on, I look like a druid or something) but it looks nice hanging down the back of the sweater, and who actually wears hoods anyway? (<-- rationalization) I'm not too happy with the finishing, either. However, at the time I considered it a huge success and I received tons of compliments and I do still wear it.

Click for larger photo

It's funny, though -- the pattern seemed so intricate and complicated. But when you compare it to St. Brigid, it looks childish. I wonder how often I'll wear it after St. Brigid is knitted? I'm guessing not much.

Before and after!

Then again, St. Brigid is coming out a little smaller than I'd anticipated. Not sure how that happened -- I measured repeatedly during the first few inches, I guess I was stretching it a bit too much. I know blocking can't alter the size much, but I just need it to be a centimetre or two wider. Then again, I'm thinking maybe I should have made the bigger size, period. Blocking won't help with that! I compared it so far to another sweater that I like, though, and it's a bit wider than that, so my fingers are crossed.