Tuesday, June 24 / 11:32 p.m.

For my next trick, I want to make a Norwegian sweater. I especially like those by Dale of Norway. But I'm having a little trouble deciding which to choose. That's where you come in! Here are the contenders:

Gjende - This one's kinda plain, but since I've never made one of these before, perhaps that's the best plan. The detailing around the shoulders and cuffs is nice.

Besseggen - a little more interesting....

Team USA 2002 - This one is very cool. I like the zipper at the neck and I like the colour combinations. The star motif is pretty.

Norge 2000 - Similar to the previous one. Unsure whether I like the plain body or the dotted body better. The pattern looks a little silly at first, but all the symbols in the windows come from Norwegian history (and as a history major, I find that very cool). Plus, the non-repeating nature would make it more interesting to knit.

And now, the poll! Keep in mind I won't be starting this sweater next week. I've still got to work on St. Brigid and a new yarn purchase is not in my near future. But I love to plan! Oh, right. I also reserve the right to overrule any and all poll results... muahahahaha!
Polls are now closed. Results to be announced shortly.