Tuesday, July 1 / 7:54 a.m.

Well, this Intarsia thing is as tough as I expected it would be. I think I need to practice on some squares first or something. But I'm getting there. Just maybe not in time for Canada Day! I'm a bit confused about where I need to have separate lengths of yarn and where I don't. And sometimes I wrap the wrong way and end up with holes.

I think you all probably want to see a St. Brigid update (despite the fact that it's a giant rectangle and if you picture the same photo you saw last time, but twice as long, you've pretty much got it), so I'll post one tomorrow (that's right, tomorrow. Muahaha). I've finished eight pattern repeats, and should be shaping the shoulders now, except it's shorter than it's supposed to be because my row gauge is quite different. However, I kinda like it the length it is. But I'm not sure if I'll like it once I get the sleeves on. Decisions, decisions....

I leave you with funny stuff. Most of this will resonate with Canadians (in keeping with my Canada Day theme-o-the-moment), but there's some stuff Yanks should appreciate too. Comedy from "The Vestibules:"

Exclusive Interview with Mr. Dressup - this is a song. A weird song. A funny song. Mr. Dressup is the Canadian equivalent of Mr. Rogers. But he was far less creepy, did far cooler stuff, had far better puppets, and (this is the best part) posessed a magic Tickle Trunk full of all kinds of different costumes. I love costumes. So very much.

I Don't Want to Go to Toronto - another funny song. Anyone who knows how the rest of Canada loves to hate the city in which I attend school will love this song. It's especially appropriate in these SARS-ridden times!

Laurence Olivier for Diet Coke - Remember a few years ago when they did those Pepsi commercials with dead stars and used special effects to make them plug pepsi? Did you hate them as much as I did? If so, listen to this.

Looking for a Job in Quebec - If you know even a little bit of French, I guarantee this will make you fall off that computer chair of yours. Tee hee. I'm laughing just thinking about it.