Sunday, June 22 / 1:33 a.m.

Random Observations

  • This blog wins the prize for most depressing title in the universe.

  • For all those knitting bloggers out there who want to join the Pagan knit-a-long, I thought I should point out that Pagan is one of a very few patterns offered individually on Rowan's web site. You can order the pattern by itself here instead of buying the entire Rowan 27 magazine, for the price of £1.

  • I watched The Name of the Rose last night, a Sean Connery/Christian Slater movie based on Umberto Eco's novel of the same name (that is, the English translation has the same name). It wins the prize for worst movie adaptation in the universe. I wasn't expecting much but this was ridiculous. They took what is possibily the most beautiful, complicated, and thought-provoking book I've ever read, and turned it into a 3rd-rate Sherlock Holmes mystery with lots of blood and gore.

  • Interesting fact for those of you who are familiar with the University of Toronto's campus: Umberto Eco spent some time at U of T while writing The Name of the Rose and the labyrinth/library (designed to keep readers out) was inspired by Robarts library (which often feels like it was designed with the same purpose in mind).

    Robarts, in all its concrete-monolith glory. I've spent too much of my life in that place.

  • Speaking of Umberto Eco, has anyone read his newest book, Baudolino? I'm on a waiting list at the library....

  • I also watched The Paper Chase, which made me very glad I chose grad over law school.

  • I took my dog to York Redoubt; it was a beautiful day and he swam in the ocean and then sat impatiently while I knitted in the sunshine. It's definitely my favourite place in Halifax. Unfortunately, there are no good photos on the web and my parents had the digital camera, so I missed several great photo opportunities.

  • I'm working on the 6th pattern repeat on St. Brigid. Still not bored, which is great. Still can't stop staring at it.

  • I got a compliment from Wendy! She is my knitting role model. I aspire someday to achieve her level of skill (and speed!). That put a big smile on my face all day. Her beautiful work has convinced me to do a Norwegian sweater for my first foray into knitting with colour (mittens don't count!). Now I just have to decide which one.... any suggestions?