Tuesday, June 24 / 4:17 a.m.

Street Speak
So I was talking to my friend Graham last night on ICQ, and I was telling him how I hadn't got much accomplished in certain areas lately but I'd been doing lots of knitting. Here's a transcript of his response:

Interiority: Ah, the addict's lament.
Interiority: Street name for knitting: "stitch."
Interiority: As in, "she was hittin' the stitch pretty bad lately."

Krista Jo: Haha that's hillarious. I'm putting it on my knitting blog.
Interiority: Excuse me? Knitting blog?
Krista Jo: Dude, I TOLD you I was addicted!

I found a cool tip on Annie Modesitt's blog, I think, but I can't find it anymore. Basically, she cuts a slit in the bottom fold of a file folder big enough to fit her chart through, then pulls it through the hole a bit more each time she finishes a row. I thought that was a neat way to keep track of rows without resorting to magnets, etc. I have a chart-following tip of my own:

If the chart is in black and white, I colour it in. If it's a cable chart, I pick a colour for each different cable or twist, and I colour that in too - and the legend. After a few rows I've memorized the different colours, and I can see what I should do next at a glance, without squinting to make sure I haven't got it backwards - colours are much easier for me to read than weirdo cable symbols.