Thursday, June 26 / 7:33 p.m.

Woo hoo!
Fortunately the new version of blogger let me fix my problem. Unfortunately it meant I couldn't post to my blog last night. For your viewing pleasure this morning, however, is a computer-generated poem about my blog. Bits of it make suprising sense, and some of it is, I think, very funny.

KnitWit Just
need to do it is the
hideous fringe. a few patterns included to
obsess about
the library....which is
providing me too, big
enough to make sure I
was designed
with the bigger size, period.
Blocking alter the digital camera, so my
blog wins the knit bloggers ring
So I was sort of blood and
book ever read,
and . I either
need it looks childish.

--Rob's Amazing Poem Generator

courtesy of purlgirl.

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