Thursday, July 31 / 10:01 a.m.

Deep breath
Okay, I'm back. No major emergency or anything; my life was just too complicated to find time to blog for a while. Unfortunately, the digital camera is on vacation in Quebec at the moment, so I guess I'll have to be descriptive.

Mystery Project: It's being knit in cream-coloured worsted. Two squares of basketweave bordered by braided cables, so far; also a long strip of caterpillar cables that I so far have not yet completed. There is a lot of turning involved, so I have been advised to learn to knit backwards. Haven't had the time yet, though. In fact, I'm more of an 'armchair knitter' these days - I read about knitting, think about knitting, talk about knitting... but I haven't been doing much knitting. This is partly because of my summer job, my volunteering, and Umberto Eco. Also partly because I've decided to frog St. Brigid and can't bring myself to rip it out. Also, here's a question - if I wash and recycle the yarn, do I need to wash the rest of the skeins before knitting it, or will it be ok to join on a ball that hasn't been washed? The gauge should be slightly different, that's why I'm wondering. Anyone know?

Smooch: It's finished. I don't like it. It flares out too much for my hips, but fits nice and snugly everywhere else. So, this brings me to my


(a.k.a. shameless ploy to get people to start reading my long-dormant blog again)

It's not particularly complicated. You could win One genuine size-L Rowan "Smooch" knitted in locally hand-dyed brown silk! I know this sucks without a photo, but you can check out the pattern here and the colour of the yarn below.

And that's not all! You get the extra silk from the two skeins I bought. So if you were thinking "This Smooch tank is for the birds, but that brown silk is sweet," you'd have a total of 1500 yards (or is that metres? Damn. The tag's around here somewhere... if you really care email me and I'll hunt around for it) of sport-fingering weight (I used the yarn doubled) to play around with once you unravelled the tank.

Okay. So, most disorganized contest ever. To win, you must do one OR both of the following:
(a) tell me why you, you, and only you deserve to have this scrumptious silk in your hot little hands, and/or
(b) bribe me. Offer to trade one spiffy Smooch for __________. I classify this as a contest and not a trade, because I'm not looking for something of equal value here - It could be something small, knitting-related or non knitting-related.

Contest closes at 11:59 pm Atlantic time, on Wed. Aug. 6. Go crazy!