Friday, August 1 / 8:30 a.m.

Delayed Pleasure

I randomly happened upon Spin It! Making Yarn from Scratch in a bookstore in the Valley today. It's the second time I'd randomly seen a single copy in a small bookstore, and figured Fate was trying to tell me something. On the way home from a very long day at work, I picked up 50 grams of red-and-orange Fleece Artist Wensleydale roving, and then since no one in Halifax seems to sell spindles, I headed to Kent Lumber to buy the dowel, hook, and grommet I needed to make my own CD Spindle (note: You can find instructions for making a CD spindle here. These are not the same instructions as the ones I'm using). Unfortunately, there were no rubber grommets (or gaskets) to be had for love or money at Kent Lumber or Canadian Tire (I even phoned Radio Shack, as suggested in the above link, and they had never heard of them). So I'm thinking that these instructions might save anyone who assumes that hardware stores carry grommets some trouble. In the meantime, I'm brainstorming ways to fit the CDs onto the dowel sans grommet (which is actually quite difficult, since I have absolutely no idea where the glue gun is), and it's all really moot anyway 'cause my dowel's about four feet long and I can't find the hacksaw either. Daaaaah!! All I want to do is spin!

P.S. Can't recommend the book yet as I haven't actually tried spinning. Just to warn anyone who's thinking of ordering: it's more a booklet than a book, running about 30 pages (and $14.95 Cdn. Ouch).

P.P.S. The guy in the bookstore asked me if I was a knitter, and when I responded in the affirmative, he gave me a brochure for this wonderful place. It's a brand-new store near Wolfville; I'll have to check it out soon. (Anna: Road trip?)