Saturday, August 2 / 9:07 a.m.

Instant Gratification

What most of us can only dream about: a bathtub
full of fibre. Click on the photo for more info!

Decided to make a day of going to Wolfville to visit Gaspereau Valley Fibres and go for a hike with my dog. WOW, what a great place! Nestled, of course, in the picturesque Annapolis Valley region (I do enjoy pastoral landscapes - but only in small doses!), on a farm with sheep (and chickens. My dog was v. interested in the chickens), and inside a high-ceilinged red barn, is the largest quantity of high-quality fibre you can find in Nova Scotia. All kinds of local yarn, wool (and other fibres) ready to be spun, hand-crafted wooden drop spindles, cute knick-knacks and accessories, and even (gee, wouldn't it be nice?) spinning wheels for sale.

The proprieter was very friendly and helpful, and though she didn't know much about spindle-spinning, she let me have a crack at her wheel, which cleared up my confusion about drafting. I bought some dark grey roving (damn, can't remember what breed of sheep it was. I'll have to email her and ask. But it was British and the fibres were very long and easy to pull, unlike the Fleece Artist stuff I couldn't spin, which I now realize was practically felted) and a maple/birch drop spindle. Whee! I have been watching Hamlet (in preparation for my big debut) and spinning (very badly) all evening. It's pretty fun! Then I'm going to ply the yarn and knit something with it. It's rough and lumpy but I'm proud of it. If I ever figure this spinning thing out, I'll post a tutorial. Note: The photo to the left does not depict my spindle, but a similar one, as my digital camera is on vacation. Click on the photo for more spindle info)

Don't forget: the contest (see below) closes on Wednesday!

Yes, I know that there's a giant space in front of this entry. And yes, I know that my blog looks like hell in Netscape. Serves me right for using a template. However, the list of better things I have to do than to redesign my blog is, sadly, ever lengthening. A redesign might possibly occur during mid-term procrastination....