Saturday, August 16 / 8:01 p.m.

I've got gauge!
After waaay too much experimenting, I'm finally on gauge for St. Brigid. Or close enough that it's all good, anyway! I had planned to get the sweater finished this summer, but with one thing and another it just didn't happen. There will be many knitting hours on the drive up to Ontario, and many procrastinating hours after that while I avoid writing essays. Plus I have an entire week between the end of work and the beginning of classes.... On the other hand, this is the most complicated thing I've ever knitted, and the gauge is fairly small. I'm gonna shoot for the end of October just to be on the safe side.

I bought Interweave Knits sight unseen, since it was all wrapped in plastic (gah). At first flip-through I hated it, but I suppose it has some redeeming qualities. The camel neck warmer thingum would be a good Christmas present for my mom, and my grandma would look awesome in the Byzantine cables (but there's no WAY I'm gonna launch into that one after completing St. Brigid!), and I suppose the article on intarsia in the round may come in handy some day. All in all, I'm unimpressed. If anyone wanted to trade me smthg for it, they could go right ahead.

Not much more knitting news, I'm off to my first rehearsal as person-in-crowd. What a piece of work is man!