Friday, August 8 / 5:31 a.m.

Summer Contest Winner
Hey everybody, thanks for playing. Julie is the winner of the Smooch contest: Not only did she sway me with MANY good arguments as to why she especially deserved to win, but she made me an offer I couldn't refuse: "a 4" x 6" illumination of a (brief) quotation of your choosing, on calfskin vellum, with traditional inks and paints handmixed with egg whites and semi-precious pigments." Check out her work, it's fantastic!

You guys were all great and I wish everybody could've won. Next time I've got something cool up for grabs, I'll be sure to hold another contest.

In knitting news, I did about 2 rows on the thumb of the Estonian mitten (damn, I hate doing thumbs. Plus I didn't mark the start with a stitch marker and keep getting confused as to where the pattern starts and ends). I have also re-started St. Brigid. Well, I've re-started swatching for it. I have a feeling that nothing I do with this yarn is gonna work, though. Any other suggestions for 10 balls of light worsted-weight green wool? (Besides a contest, that is!)