Wednesday, April 30 / 4:03 a.m.

New New Project

Thanks for the suggestions for modifying the bobble sweater, but I've had to scrap it for now. I was getting the right gauge with the yarn I was using, but the fabric was too loose. So, this yarn is destined to be another sweater, and the bobble sweater returns to the future project pile, awaiting a more suitable yarn.

The new new project is an aran cardigan from Sirdar's "Relax in Aran." It's more traditional than trendy, and I can't wait to wear it. I'm knitting it in a light dusty blue colour, and am about halfway up the back. Haven't yet decided whether to use blue buttons (navy would be nice!) or wood buttons. I'm trying to do one pattern repeat a day, but will probably slow down next week since I do have two more exams.

Yarn Store Anecdotes
I went to my LYS on Friday after the dreaded economics exam to find a pattern that my yarn liked better, and while browsing around overheard a horrible exchange between some hideous woman and the polite but harassed employee. The woman had, like me, already purchased yarn, and wanted a simple vest pattern to knit for her granddaughter. She wanted the employee to whip up a pattern on the spot based on her yarn and to fit her (not present) granddaughter. When the employee explained that wouldn't be possible, the woman got huffy and said that the yarn store she used to shop at did this for her all the time. The employee then spent about ten minutes looking through the extensive pattern collection for a suitable vest, at which point the Evil Woman explained she was actually looking for a sleeveless top, not a vest. To her credit, the employee switched gears and started looking for a sleeveless top, and actually found one. However, it was in a booklet of several patterns, and since Evil Woman didn't want to knit the rest of the patterns in the booklet and didn't want to pay for the booklet (which was like $6, btw), she left empty-handed.

I approached the employee, promising to be less obnoxious than the previous customer. She laughed, saying "Oh, then it wasn't just me!" and cheerfully helped me with my request. We chatted about knitting designers, she raved to me about Viking Knits, gave me a discount, suggested I take her finishing class, and when I left the store we were both smiling. I am SO GLAD I have never worked in retail!

I almost forgot the best part. I was outside the store on my rollerblades, taking my flip-flops out of my bag, when this tiny little boy walked out of the store with his mom. "Mom, why is she taking out her sandals?" he asked, staring at me. "Because I can't go in the store with wheels on," I replied, though the question had not been addressed to me. "Why does she want to go into the store?" he continued. "Because I want to make a sweater," I said. "But there's just YARN in the there," he answered, confused. At this point, his mom jumped in. "You knit a sweater out of yarn," she explained. "You know how to KNIT?!" he asked, incredulously. I answered in the affirmative. "Mommy, why is she taking her socks off?" "Because you don't wear socks with flip-flops, honey." "Those are flip-flops? Flip flops! Flip flops!" he repeated to himself as she dragged him away. So cute. But at this stage of my life, I'd rather have a dog. A German Long-Haired Pointer like Rufus, who sadly lives 2 provinces away with my parents.

Not Rufus, but looks a lot like him*

*Sorry 'bout the non-knitting content, but I have to counteract all these silly cat posts I keep seeing -laugh-.


Wednesday, April 23 / 12:18 a.m.

New Project

I've been swatching for this "kimono" sweater from Phildar's automne collection. It's knit sideways in two pieces: you cast on for the sleeve and then increase to knit the body, and then decrease again for the second sleeve. Any suggestions for the best way to cast on in this case?

Also, I don't like the bobbles. They look good in the picture but I think they'd be really dorky in real life. So if I got rid of the bobbles I'd have to get rid of the garter stitch borders that box them in. And if I got rid of those, the sleeves would look really empty. What does the blogging universe think? Maybe I should add another vertical stripe of stocking stitch? On the body, I think I could just continue the regular pattern with no harm done.

I've added some more blog links to the right sidebar. I especially like Antonio's "Knit Knut," with the alternate title of "Eartha Knittery" -- tee hee. I love puns. Haven't been updating much because it's exam season; just warning you now that this state of affairs is likely to continue into May.


Tuesday, April 15 / 2:05 p.m.

My comments seem to have disappeared. Must get on this. In the meantime, email me if you have something to say!


/ 12:15 a.m.

A reply to QueerJoe's controversial a couple of days ago
Actually, it's more of a reply to the replies
Jesus Christ, some of these comments are ridiculous. Joe didn't say new blogs are bad, he said BORING blogs are bad. Yes, that makes him an elitist, but it's a good thing. All writers are not created equal. Everybody has the right to have a blog, and everybody else has the right not to read it. If you don't like what Joe has to say, leave. Don't tell him he has to conform to your way of thinking; as has been stated, it's HIS blog.

That being said, Joe, I wouldn't worry so much about the growing popularity of knit blogging. The more bloggers, the more idiots, but also the more interesting, creative, insightful knitters who came late to the game. Ignore the former, and enjoy the latter. I wholeheartedly agree with your interpretation of the "KnitLost." It was meant to be a place to share and learn, not to repeat the SAME POSTS daily.

Fortunately, while mailing list content is pushed, the blog format allows you to pick and choose what you read. Another good resource is the forum at Knitters' Review. Sure, it's been taken over by the same dorks who want you to do their thinking for them, but again, YOU get to pick and choose what you want to read. You can ignore the postings about which celebrity someone saw knitting for five seconds on TV and skip straight to an insightful journal someone wrote on her journey towards Master Knitter Certification.

Last but not least, the good thing about the idiots is that some of them do learn. I used to be the new knitter asking everybody to figure out yarn substitutions for me, but now (I hope) I've moved somewhat beyond that, and can actually make a contribution to the knitting community.

I've got a blog; started it recently. I haven't been posting every day because I don't have something interesting to say about knitting every day, and I refuse to fill in with cat stories (God I hate cats) or telling you what I ate yesterday or how much it snowed or the cute thing my DH/DD/DDIL/Daah I hate those stupid acronyms did this morning.* I have huge respect for those of you who can, and do post stuff I actually want to read on a daily basis, and I think that those of us who comment should try to do the same. If your comment won't add to the blog/discussion/whatever, then don't make it! Send it to the KnitList.

*If YOU want to include those things in your blog, and other people want to read them, that's totally cool. I love Wendy's blog, for example; I just ignore the cat stuff. And she doesn't give a rat's ass, because it's HER blog, and she can do what she wants with it.


Sunday, April 6 / 2:53 p.m.

Coolest sweater ever!

I really really really want to make a sleeveless shell (possibly like this boatneck tank) in black, with Captain Kirk's face on the front (chart courtesty of and "It's life, Jim, but not as we know it!" on the back. Okay, okay, I know it's ridiculously geeky. But it's more kitsch than geek. I would wear it every day. Best sweater ever. However, I've never done Intarsia, and I think I would probably HATE knitting small bits of that many colours. Ah well. It shall remain a dream.


Wednesday, April 2 / 2:52 p.m.

Job interview went v. well, though I spent a total of 2.5 hours on public transit to get there and back (yeesh). No knitting, though - on way there was reading about job, on way back was reading about Estonian resistance to the Soviet Occupation (that's depressing, let me tell you). Had Knit Wits this afternoon, taught a girl how to cast off and watched Knitting from Start to Finishing, or bits of it, which was just as cheesy as I'd suspected. Learned a couple of useful things, however, and want to try some simple intarsia. I'd never knit a whole polka-dot sweater or anything like that, but I'd like to make a rugby shirt for a teddy bear with a "T" on it (for Trinity [my college]). Also, I'm going to have to give Continental knitting another try. If I practice, I'll be faster eventually, and faster means more stuff gets knit!