Friday, February 6 / 2:17 a.m.

Is it just me, or are the new Rowan collections... ahem... LAME? I was waiting for #35 to come out with eager anticipation, but there's pretty much zilch in there that I'd really, really want to knit, and a lot of stuff I wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole. Plus the Cotton Braid Collection, It's a Tape Thing, and Linen Print Collection are all terrible. Chunky tape and braid yarns just look awful on everyone. I do suppose, though, that it's not really Rowan's fault.... it's hard to design handknits for summer. You can only have so many knitted tank tops! And fun as it is to knit, chunky stuff just doesn't work in the form-fitting-bare-it-all-ness of summer. The new denim collection has a lot of great stuff, in it though, and I haven't yet seen a copy of Big Accessories.

So I've been underwhelmed with Rowan, Rebecca, and even Interweave Knits, the most palatable of the American knitting magazines, lately. At least Phildar's got a decent new Tendances coming out:

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--Quentin Skinner