Tuesday, February 17 / 6:13 a.m.


After I filled up my spindle, I wound the yarn around the legs of a chair so I could make a skein, but decided to make it 2-ply instead. So I made a ball, and now I'll make another ball of another spindleful of yarn, and ply them together! I bet everybody in America has one of these chairs in his/her basement. They're what my college cunningly calls "desk chairs." HA. Well, now it's a "yarn chair."

Also picked up balls of lime green and bright purple yarn to make a dog sweater for a friend's pooch. I don't usually approve of dog sweaters, but this one, entitled "Dogosaurus Rex," has stegasaurus spikes on it. And since the dog in question is a miniature daschund, I think the result will be hilarious, and definitely worth knitting.

"She did it the hard way."
-- Bette Davis's Epitaph

Run, don't walk, to the video store and rent "All About Eve."