Monday, February 16 / 1:26 p.m.

New hat!

I didn't blog about this one 'cause I only started it yesterday. It's the earflap hat from Interweave Knits' special gift section in the Summer 2003 issue (click to enlarge), and I made it because I had a couple of balls of handspun lying around that had tried to be a scarf, then mittens, but just didn't look right. The silk/wool blend was smooth and soft, and the tweedy green colour was fantastic, but the lumpy texture (I really am a rank amateur at this spinning thing) just didn't look right in any of the projects I tried. Until this hat. I think it turned out pretty well. I made it yesterday afternoon while watching "As Good as it Gets."

Unfortunately, I look terrible in earflap hats. Incredibly, absolutely, terrible. I look much better in this, my favourite hat:

So I gave the earflap hat to my roommate. Everybody wins!

I'm partway through the first sleeve of Shona, but I didn't feel like winding more hanks today so I spun instead.

While the owl was hooting,
and the black beetle chewed at the log-house
and until the graves sank in,
and the oxen took a deep breath,
the first news of Troy was rounding the world,
and the radio said:
the old Prussians have vanished from the earth.
-- "Ballads of Kukutis" by Marcelus Martinaitis

Just right.