Saturday, February 28 / 7:13 a.m.

New sweater!

Shona's been finished for about a week now, but I just didn't have a chance to ask my roommate to take some photos. I'm very pleased with it; hated the turtleneck so I just did about half an inch of ribbing at the neck, and I love the finishing detail on the raglan seams.

The colour was, once again, impossible to photograph (brown-ish purple with all kinds of cool tweedy flecks in it). This is pretty close, though. The sweater fits perfectly although I don't really like the way it sorta poufs out above the ribbing. It's hard to get that right though - use too big a needle on the ribbing and it'll flare out, which is even worse!

The sleeves are somewhere between 3/4 and bracelet length, which was exactly where I wanted them. I swear to you they're the same length, I was standing funny. Really! I was!

I'd recommend the pattern to anybody; it was easy to knit and the fit is good. I think the thick horizontal stripes would have made anybody look huge, though.

I'll have to stick to small projects for the next while - don't have the yarn for another sweater at the moment. But - oooh - I'm going to make thrummed mitts with some handspun I've been working on. Just have to ply it.

Haven't done much knitting this week (have been concentrating instead on cooking. Mmmm) but am on the home stretch vis a vis the socks for mom.

"We invented a drinking game for knitting. You have to take a drink everytime one of these things happens: you start or end a row, reach a stitch marker, increase or decrease, find a knot in your yarn, join a new ball or color, frog part or all of it or drop a stitch. There might have been more, I was too drunk to keep track of them all. The problem is that you never sober up because as soon as you do, you find you have to frog everything you did and it starts all over."
--Jennifer, of JenLa.