Wednesday, February 4 / 11:18 a.m.

Return of the prodigal knitter
A combination of super-busyness and the lack of a digital camera (I read few blogs without photos, and I bet you do too!) resulted in a sadly abandoned blog. I am no less busy than before (but far more interested in blog-related procrastination) and I am (since Christmas) in possession of a snazzy Nikon Coolpix. But you don't wanna hear about any of this! You want to hear about the knitting!

There is lots of knitting news. Today, I will start with a kickass impromptu Christmas present I received from a distant relative. We were in town visiting, and my grandmother made me bring my spinning. "Juta's mother used to knit the most beautiful Estonian gloves," she said. "Yeah, but her mother's been dead for years and it's not like SHE knits. Besides, it's SPINNING. It's not even the same thing! She'll just think I'm some crazy back-to-nature type!" However, grandma always wins (comes from being little and white-haired and having the cutest accent, I think), so I brought my spinning, and as we were leaving I was presented with a pair of Juta's mother's hand-knit gloves. These gloves are famous in the family, absolutely gorgeous, and one-of-a-kind. I was pleased and surprised to receive these, especially since they're irreplaceable.

This photo doesn't do them justice at all, and puts the mittens I'm knitting to shame. You should really check out Folk Knitting in Estonia, Nancy Bush has done a gorgeous job with the book. She doesn't include any gauntlet-style gloves, though, which is too bad, because then nobody would need wrist warmers.

Someday, I will reverse-engineer this pattern. When I get over that whole hatred-of-knitting-fingers thing. Apparently Juta's mother didn't follow a pattern at all. She'd made so many pairs of gloves that she just made 'em up as she went along.

I've also decided, Curmudgeon-style, to include a quotation at the end of each entry. They will be randomly selected from my collection and will have nothing to do with the entries themselves. So there.

"I was thinking of very old times, when the Romans first came here 1900 years ago - the other day."
-Marlow in Conrad's
Heart of Darkness, which is definitely in my top 5 list of favourite books.