Thursday, March 25 / 7:13 a.m.

Duplicate Stitch

Intarsia, who needs it? Actually, it's also kinda hard to get the hang of. You need to get the tension exactly right - too loose or too tight and it looks terrible. However, it made the knitting part a lot easier, and I guess for the pattern designer a lot easier to chart: s/he totally copped out by saying "duplicate stitch dots at random" instead of showing where.

It's a fairly soothing motion, though. Not as great as knitting, but not as sucky as, say, weaving in ends. And way, way better for small sections than Intarsia - for example, I would definitely use this method to do the diagonal lines on a pair of argyle socks. Which I do plan to knit in the future, for an argyle-obsessed friend (the one who so thoughtfully provided the yarn for "Shona").

As you can see, the dog sweater is moving right along, but since it's supposed to be done for tomorrow night, it's not moving right along fast enough, damnit!