Thursday, March 11 / 1:03 a.m.

New Patterns
I'm a sucker for new patterns. I eagerly await each season's crop of American knitting magazines, British knitting magazines, German knitting magazines, knitting books, online patterns.... I actually end up knitting few of them but I loooove looking, criticizing, planning (although calculating "Hmm. At $10.50US per ball for 15 balls plus the exchange rate, taxes and shipping...." is not as much fun).

The new Vogue Knitting is available for preview. As usual, I don't see much I like (but then again, there's so little they've shown). These are kind of cool, though:

But you hafta do that thing where instead of on a skinny model (I find that breasts are often the make-or-break for a design. If you add boobs, will it still look good?) with long hair and a cabana setting you picture it on yourself. This one's a toughie... can't figure out if it translates into 'nifty' or 'weird' once it's on me.

I like this for the excellent use of a variagated* yarn. I never wear tops this short, but I do like the design.

Not much knitting done lately, as school is kicking my ass. Am working on a pair of socks for my roommate, based on "Priscilla's Dream Socks" in Interweave Knits. I like not having to pick up stitches for the foot, but I think the heel is a bit square and pointy. Will reserve judgement for once they're on her feet.

*sp? There are so many variants online and I'm way too lazy/busy to look in an actual dictionary.

If I ever jump on the knitting book bandwagon, the title of my first offering will be The Distractable Knitter. It will be filled with easy, useless projects that can be completed in less than two days and only the first part of patterns for beautiful and complex sweaters. It will be the perfect thing for other knitters like me. I mean, why waste the paper printing the ends of patterns that will never be finished? And for the most advanced distractable knitters, only pictures and yarn requirements. Who needs the pattern when you are content just to acquire the yarn?