Tuesday, March 16 / 11:22 a.m.

Urban Cowboy

Stayed up late last night working on a paper and half-watching Urban Cowboy. Yeah, yeah, worst study habits ever, I know. But the combination of John Travolta, a cowboy hat, and a mechanical bull really gets this cowgirl interested.

Haven't done much knitting lately, as I've also been working on my Hindi paper. Typing in a non-Latin alphabet is such a bitch. But hey, at least you learned a new word from this post. Am buried in work, among other things, so don't expect a post for the next week. When I do return, I should be working on a gift for a friend's friend's baby (can you blame me for looking for an excuse to knit this puppy?).

Debbie Bliss, The Book of Baby Knits, if you're interested.

"Hey, Cowboy, you're not just doing this to make your wife jealous, are you?"