Tuesday, March 30 / 1:09 p.m.


How cool is this? I need to learn how to crochet, stat. Then again, if I see the closeup version, I may hate it. Stupid tiny thumbnail-sized photos! Does anybody have a copy of Phildar's latest crochet mag? How does this puppy look when it's larger than postage-stamp size?

Also, anybody know of any good online or print teach-yourself-how-to-crochet sources? I've tried a couple of times and can't get beyond a single chain. Grrr.

School - still winning in the grand Krista vs. school battle. Still left to do:
-Essay on the United Irishmen
-Essay on Middle Eastern History
-Essay on the British, law, and Colonial India
-Test on Irish History

Not even gonna mention the exams. Especially since today, instead of working on all these things, I hung out in the quad all afternoon because it was sunny and nice out. Daaah.

"I wasn't kicked out of the country, I was informed that it was against my best interests to return."
--My brother. The country in question is Australia. He is now in exile in New Zealand. It's a pretty funny story.