Wednesday, April 28 / 12:36 p.m.

Yes, I actually finished something
And here it is: Dogosaurus Rex

I decided on a two-colour model, and added the contrast trimming not out of any particular inspiration but because I ran out of green yarn. I can't stand this yarn (Patons Decor, 75% acrylic and 25% wool - the texture is really weird and not fun to knit with, but Canadiana could easily be subsituted (it's 100% acrylic but feels much more like one would expect it to). I really hope it fits the damned dog - dachshunds aren't really dog-shaped so I had to do some modifications.

It's really not Pooh's size, but here is the closest I could get to a model:

I've also done much more work on the Pinup sweater, and here's the proof:

That's the back, left front, and beginning of the right, though I finished the right front and began on a sleeve while watching Bye, Bye Birdie (terrible) and Oklahoma (okay) - it was a lazy day. For those of you who asked for specifics, the pattern is from Phildar Tendances magazine #374, autumn (and for those of you who don't feel like browsing the archives, the dog sweater is from a Patons booklet called "A Dog's Life 2"). Phildar mags can be ordered from Knit 'n Tyme, complete with English translations, and though I've never ordered Phildar yarn online you can get it here (and I've heard they'll communicate in English if you email them).

Votes are overwhelmingly in favour of pink buttons so far.... but polls will remain open indefinitely.

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