Wednesday, May 26 / 12:21 p.m.

Mea Culpa
After the post asking for suggestions... and the long pause from blogging... I have not even touched the pinup cardigan. Just thinking about finishing it is giving me the willies. So... here's what I did instead:

Gaspereau Valley Fibres
I love this store! Every time I show up it's better. This time, I happened to bring my camera, and so snapped photos of

This sheep. Doesn't he (she?) seem to be saying "shear me!
For the love of God, shear me!"
(although s/he's got nothing on Shrek)

Even better than the sheep was this:

Look closely. It's not a horse, it's a LLAMA! In Nova Scotia!
How strange. And apparently its main purposes at
Gaspereau Valley Fibres are (a) pet and (b) guard
'dog' for the sheep. Yep, apparently Llamas trumpet
at the sight of danger - and then kick its ass.
I'm told that a roused llama can kill a wolf if need be.
I don't think I believe it, but it's pretty
cool to think about.

Then I went hiking.

With my dog, Rufus.

We saw a Canada Goose (I love this photo):

And a lot of damage done to the trees by Hurricane Juan last fall (check out how shallow the roots were! This tree was basically growing on a rock):

Then I did some spinning and knitting, but you'll have to wait till tomorrow for those - I'm sleepy.

"I wonder if in childhood ever rained."
--From an unpublished manuscript written by my grandfather.