Friday, May 14 / 5:28 a.m.


That's right, the mittens are no longer marinating but genuine works-in-progress. I'm about a half an inch above the thumb hole on the second one. The thumb construction is kinda cool... there's no gusset, what you do to create the hole is knit several stitches in a contrasting yarn, then slip those stitches back to the left needle, and continue knitting in pattern as if nothing had happened. Later, you unravel the contrasting stitches and pick up to form the thumb.

I've been working on the mittens because I've been pondering my next step on the Pinup Cardigan. Remember how I said the French and English instructions differ? Well, one important way is in the construction of the button bands. The French instructions say to knit the button bands, and then sew the live stitches to the sides of the sweater using backstitch, like so:

Whereas the English instructions say to pick up stitches for the button bands and knit them directly onto the sweater. I'm not sure which method will work better. I've never used backstitch before (really! I always mattress stitch everything. It's stretchier and easier to do it without making a mess), and I'm not so hot with pins, but neither am I very good at picking up the exact number of stitches evenly spaced along a garment. I think I'm headed for major frustration either way. I have knit one separate button band already, but I'm not opposed to scrapping it and picking up along the sides.... I'm already fairly worried about the bands seeing as they're in ribbing, and from what I read, ribbed button bands kinda suck. They are, however, essential to the construction of the garment. I want it to look perfect, but I don't want to have to re-do it ten times.

What do you think I should do?