Monday, May 10 / 12:32 p.m.

Settling in
Well, now that I've moved, I guess I should stop hosting the Toronto Knitblogs ring! Anybody out there want to take it over? Email me.

Haven't finished the Pinup Sweater because I need a 2.25 mm circular needle. I think I'll go pick one up tomorrow.... it's nice to have access to a car again. Especially when the car is a truck and I have a cowboy hat. Whee!

Anybody out there tried the new Blogger Comments? I was thinking about switching but I think I'd lose all my old comments if I did so and that would be crummy. Also, I hate the new Blogger interface. It is far less efficient than the old one.

Rowan R2
My two cents: If you don't learn the fundamentals of knitwear design you'll just end up with crap. Crap that doesn't fit, or crap that looks great and then stretches, or the unwearable catwalk crap they show on their web site. They're packaging fashion design as fast and easy: spend $300 on Rowan yarn and you'll be Christian Dior! It actually takes talent and effort.

"Why don't people ever spell USEFUL messages on the walls with their dying strength? 'Sheriff too' would have been waaaaay more help than 'Not Alone' and would've used only one more letter...."