Monday, May 3 / 1:59 p.m.


Unfortunately have no REAL photos, because I knit about two cm before realizing that my stitch count was off so that my k2, p2 rib ended in k4 on one side. Sigh.

The yarn, Lang Jawoll Cotton, is a gift from my fabulous Secret Pal, and comes with a spool of thread

stuffed inside to reinforce heels and toes. V. cool, and something I wouldn't have noticed unless I'd read this on someone else's blog (forget whose now). Anyway, thanks Secret Pal! You rock.

I'm knitting on 2 circs using Priscilla's Dream Socks pattern from Interweave Knits, or at least I will be when I cast on again.

What's your favourite way to do toes? I have yet to find a satisfactory version.

"When you're in trouble go into your dance"
--Chicago. What's your dance?