Friday, May 28 / 11:11 a.m.

After marinating for a zillion years, the Estonian mittens are done! I have decided thumbs aren't that bad after all, and my next small project will be a pair of Estonian gloves.

I also finished the first Secret Pal Sock... it's much greener than this photo suggests. I'm just starting the toe for sock #2 so when they're both finished I'll take an outdoor photo. If the sun ever shines again.

And, I've also been spinning some wonderfully soft merino/tencel:

handmade birch spindle and fibre were both purchased
at the fabulous Gaspereau Valley Fibres.

I'm going to make a 2-ply yarn and use it to knit a neck warmer for my mom.... something along the lines of the Brioche Gaiter in last winter's Interweave Knits but of in a larger gauge.

The colour is more accurate in this photo
but still not quite right. But I love closeup shots!

A quick 'hey' to the school friends visiting my site.... Tiff - I am at your disposal for knitting support. Did you get my email? Chris - surfing the web at work? Tsk, tsk.

"...Westerners are liable to become very frustrated with most Korean doctors because they will not answer questions from patients regarding illness, laboratory tests or the treatment being given. Questions are regarded as insults to the doctor's competence, thus causing a loss of face. You might not even be informed that you are dying, since this would imply that the doctor is too incompetent to cure you."
--Lonely Planet Guide to Korea