Thursday, March 3 / 11:27 a.m.

Executive Decision

As I started on the right (and final) sleeve, I realized it was different than the left sleeve. According to the pattern, the fair-isle band on the left sleeve is worked near the cuff, while the band on the right sleeve is knit farther up, a little closer to the elbow, for an asymmetrical look.

I hadn't noticed this, because you really can't tell in the photograph. The sleeves are all scrunched up and hands are in pockets. It would have taken an eagle eye to spot the difference. I take it the photographer wasn't too pleased with the asymmetrical sleeves! At any rate, since I hadn't been planning to knit them symmetrically, I decided to go ahead as I'd planned, since the sweater in my head did not have asymmetrical sleeves. I think they'd be quite off-balance and weird-looking! Besides, most sweaters with a fair-isle pattern don't have sleeve bands near the cuffs, so I think it's 'different' looking enough already.

Computer problems prevent a photograph, but the front and back have been blocked and they're looking gooooood.

Kim Hargreaves' Site is still not up. I hope she's working on her Spring collection....